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20 things you never knew about vegetables.

2007-08-10 16:17:28 by DeadBolt

20 Things You Never Knew About Vegetables.

1. All vegetables come from plants in the ground. The potato for instance comes from the potato plant (planto potatum)

2. The artichoke, a globular leafy herb, is the first ever vegetable. (In alphabetical order)

3. There are two types of swede. one is a vegetable the other is a person who comes from sweden.

4. Among the top celebreties who eat vegetables are pop singer Simon Le Bon and footballer Gary Lineker.

5. There are two kinds of mushroom as well as normal mushrooms there are Chinese mushrooms. Chinese Mushrooms cost more then normal mushrooms In Chinese restaurants.

6. Bamboo is a kind of wooden chiese vegetable.

7. Many vegetables can be cooked from frozen by placing them in a pan of boiling water. Add salt, return to boil and simmer for around 3 minutes

8. The tomato is not a vegetable.

9. The potato is.

10. Eastenders Stars pick their vegetables. Unfortunatley there isn't a cockney rhyming slang for vegetable, because nothing rhymes with it.

11. The common abbreviation for vegetable is Vege but in shops vegetables are usually referred to by their own names like "Cabbage and "Turnip"

12. Phil Collins names Mange Trout as his favorate Vegetable. "It's a small, sweet, premature, unripened peapod" says Phil.

13. There are probably more then 100 different kinds of vegetable altogether. The smallest, the pea, only has three letters in it's name.

14. Cinderella, in the pantomime of the same name, went to the ball in a pumpkin.

15. The word vehemant, meaning ardent or passionate, immediatley follows vegetable in the dictionary.

16. Vehicle is the next word.

17. Ask for vegetables in a french restaurant and the waiter will give you a long blank stare! Thats because in France, vegetables are called legumes. and in German they don't say Cauliflower they say Blumenkohl!!

18. Vegetable derives from the Latin word "Vegetatum" meaning to eat with the main course.

19. Square Vegetables are here at last! although rather duifficult it is now possible to grow cubic marrows with "special" equipment.

20. The first vegetable soup was onion, served in paris in 1876. Dozens of vegetable soups are available today, in boxes tins and packets. These include Florida Spring and Farmhouse Country.


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2007-08-10 16:30:13

Can i touch you in nasty places?

DeadBolt responds:

Yes please, Mr. Paedophile.


2007-08-10 16:51:02

Lawls, kent.

DeadBolt responds:



2007-08-11 06:13:59

Hello. D=

DeadBolt responds:



2007-08-11 13:50:45

Who cares. lols.

DeadBolt responds:

SLANDER! Vegetables are awesome >=[


2007-08-11 18:04:46

I new alot of that , but it's pretty cool you listed most of that.

DeadBolt responds:

So you read 1980's Viz?


2007-08-12 03:29:02

Now I await the "20 things you never knew about fruit" news post.

(Updated ) DeadBolt responds:

It may happen! though probably won't.


2007-08-12 15:24:53

21. The potato has the same number of chromosomes as the homo sapiens.

DeadBolt responds:



2007-08-13 14:31:45


DeadBolt responds:



2007-08-13 17:36:38

HA! i knew all of that!

DeadBolt responds:



2007-08-13 18:24:51

phil collins > michael jackson in pedo-count

DeadBolt responds:

Yes, Very.


2007-08-14 08:48:09


DeadBolt responds:

Yup yes